Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Everybody say MOO!

I was so excited to receive my new customized mini MOO business cards in the mail yesterday. You can choose from a number of cool graphic designers, who give you a number of different images in each pack! Or, upload your own design. And, at about $20 for 100 top-quality cards, the price is just as attractive as the work of their independent artists. This fish is from Kam Tan.

I plan on inserting mine into my crafty concoctions I've been selling in an art vending machine at our favorite hang out bar, The Hideout. That way people can bug me to make them more crocheted bacon and the like. I love them so much, my hubbie literally had to pry them out of my hand at night before going to bed.

Pick up a pack (and support the U.K. economy in protest of our own U.S. corrupt financial world...did I really just say that?) at