Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One can never have too many nonsensical tote bags

I love Engrish. It's often hard to remember the best nonsensical English found printed on goods sold in Asia, so why not have something unforgettably emblazoned on your tote bag, which, by the way, you can use to replace those pesky plastic bags that have been crowding the space under your sink? One of my favorite engrish phrases: Beautiful day. Birds feel at ease. What do you like? Which actually makes perfect grammatical sense, but is just so innocently random.

Mod Cloth offers these affordable bags, and a lot more. I like them. Read more hilarious engrish at www.engrish.com.

On a side note, I hope engrish.com's supply of good examples doesn't dry up with Beijing's recent attempts to stamp out poor english in the lead up to the 2008 Olympics. Read the story here.

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debtfreeme said...

Ha ha brings back memories. Two years ago I lived in Taiwan (loved every minute of it) and there would be "Chinglish" (Chinese + English as we called it) signs everywhere. My western friends and I thought it was quite funny. We'd try to figure out what the Chinglish meant and it was sometimes baffling but always good for a laugh. We always thought with so many foreigners teaching English why couldn't a business just grab one of us off the street and ask how it's supposed to be written? I meant to buy a Chinglish shirt before I left but I didn't get around to it. I really miss that place.